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What are SEO Image Tags?

What are SEO Image Tags?

Writing catchy and SEO-optimized articles will help increase traffic to your website. However, this can only account for about 70% success in SEO optimization. So, what should you do to achieve the rest of 30%? Have you ever heard of SEO image tags? If you look at the internet closely, it is full of charming…

Top 5 WordPress security plugins

Top 5 WordPress security plugins

From startups to established multinational conglomerates, online presence has become a vital component of business success strategy. More and more individuals are shifting from traditional office work too freelancing or starting other online businesses. As the total number of websites ever launched is near the all-time high of 2 billion, site owners are faced with…

ssl certificate

What is an SSL Certificate?

You’ve most likely seen the padlock icon on top of a webpage next to the URL. You can usually tell when an Internet website is secure because there will be a small lock symbol at the very top left corner of your screen before you type in any sensitive information, such as passwords or credit…


Top Hosting Providers in 2021

The days of looking up businesses on the yellow pages are long gone. There are some benefits to online directories of course but thats for another day. To gain recognition in this web-connected world, having a website is a very good start! To make this happen, web hosting is necessary to ensure your pages are…

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10 Factors to Consider When Hiring a Web Developer

Web development is a huge investment for any business or entrepreneur. The process of hiring a web developer should therefore be taken with utmost seriousness because it could cost your business heavily. Currently, there are many onshore, offshore, and freelance web developers. It can be daunting for business owners looking to hire a web developer.…

10 Benefits of using Wordpress josh willett web developer

10 Benefits of using WordPress

Are you thinking of launching a website but aren’t sure where to start? Are you confused about which platform to use to build your blog or affiliate site? Well of course, there are many options that will do a great job for you I’m sure. However, in my completely biased opinion (along with years of…