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Do you need to rank higher in Google Search?

Are you losing valuable business to competitors?

Do potential clients struggle to find you online?

If at least one of the answers above is yes then an SEO Consultant is what you need to help you succeed

I have many years of experience in the SEO industry who together with your company can:

  • Improve Organic Search Results
  • Grow Organic Traffic
  • Increase Conversions
  • Provide a High Return on Investment (ROI)

What is the SEO Process?

That's a good question and the process couldn't be simpler:


Get In Touch

Use the contact form below to send me a message


Arrange a Meeting

Lets jump on a quick zoom call to help understand your goals, learn about your company & importantly, start a positive business relationship


Build a Campaign

I will do some research & suggest to you the best SEO campaign to help you achieve your goals. If it all works out, then lets start working together

What SEO methods do I use?

No matter how big or small your website is, I can help with everything from keyword research and link building to managing your site's content.

Together we will create and execute an SEO strategy that caters to the specific needs of your website. Below are many of the processes that we will use to help you achieve higher rankings.

What do my SEO Clients say?

Rav Atwal
Rav Atwal

We have seen a significant increase in the performance of our website since working with Josh. His SEO consultancy has been invaluable in helping us improve the performance of our organic search as well as help define our on-going content strategy. Josh has always been very quick to respond to any queries and is always willing to help.

Frances Leyshon
Frances Leyshon
Chamonix Exclusive

Working with Josh has been an absolute pleasure. His easy-going but professional manner means he can adapt his style according to a given situation. We have a great working relationship, and by consequence, together produce great results. The website is brilliant, and we are still working with Josh on this and SEO, where our rankings for searches prove to be an excellent investment. Truly professional and trustworthy, thanks, Josh!

Emilie Kærn
Emilie Kærn
Half Double Institute

Josh increased our Clicks for our main keyword by 578% in 6 months. Highly recommended.

Martin Poulter
Martin Poulter
ArbDB Chambers

Josh provides an excellent, responsive, thoughtful, and very professional service. He is always full of good ideas to make our website better. Highly recommended.

SEO Case Study

See how I helped one of my clients gain a 578% increase in clicks on their main keyword in 6 months.

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SEO Consulting FAQs

Freelance SEO Expert London

seo consultant london

Hire a freelance SEO Consultant in London

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The Benefits of SEO for your business

  • In this day and age, when people are online 24 hours a day with no downtime between sessions, your visibility in search results needs to be just as consistent.
  • With the help of an seo expert, you will be able to get more targeted visitors and better qualified leads!
  • Achieve a high Return on Investment (ROI) which doesn't stop the moment you stop paid ads.
  • Enjoy a higher click through rate, especially if you are in the top 3.
  • SEO is long term so will provide steady sustainable results if done correctly.
  • If your SEO is better than your competitors, you will outrank them and more often than that, be more successful. Learn about more benefits of SEO.

What is a freelance SEO Consultant?

  • The main job of a consultant is to analyse and improve search engine results, website rankings and review incoming links. After analysing and reviewing the websites, the consultant offers expert guidance and recommendations on how best to get better rankings, links, and traffic. Thus ultimately bringing more revenue to a client.
  • Search engine optimisation can be a complex process that involves many factors in order to rank higher and do better on search engines. Working with an SEO Specialist can help you overcome these tasks.
what is an seo consultant