Technical SEO Consultant Services with a proven Expert will help your website suceed

Every website needs a strong underlying basis of technical SEO to provide a solid foundation for success.

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Gain Valuable Insights

Identify opportunties for improvement

Convert more traffic

Technical SEO provides businesses with the foundation required for long term marketing success. It is often overlooked however it can make all the difference in a competitive industry.

Once implemented, rankings are likely to increase for your overall website. However performing an SEO audit is only part of a broader strategy of which an experienced SEO expert can help you create.

Technical SEO Audits London - An Overview:

Crawl report

A crawl report/ site audit will provide insight into some of your site’s errors.

HTTPS status codes

Ensuring HTTPS is in use & all URLs are using it as this is now a direct ranking factor for Google.

Improve Site Load Time

A very important ranking factor ahead of Google's update for Core Web Vitals in May 2021.

Mobile Friendly Site

Ensuring your website performs well on mobile 

Manual actions

Checking URL error & penalties in Google Search Console 

What is technical seo audit?

  • A technical SEO audit is a process during which you check the technical aspects of your site. It forms an integral first step of my SEO Consultant services in London. It can help you see your website like google does so you can find and fix issues that might be draining away traffic from your website, or even causing Google to penalise it.

Why perform a technical site audit with an SEO Consultant? 

  • Technical SEO is the first step in your search engine optimisation. Technical work such as optimising site structure and code, preparing meta tags for quicker indexing by crawlers can make all of your other on-site or off-site efforts worthwhile if they are done correctly; however, technical mistakes will cause them to be ineffective no matter how well executed otherwise!
  • It can be your chance to do a checkup of the website and explore different ways in which your website may underperform. For instance, if you are not using an XML sitemap onsite this could lead Google crawlers away from finding certain pages that should appear as search engine results for relevant queries.

Technical SEO Support includes looking after:

  • Audit for keyword cannibalization
  • Checking your website's robots.txt file
  • Performing a Google site search
  • Checking for duplicate meta data
  • Checking for broken links
  • Verifying structured data
  • Checking indexing status
  • Assessing navigation logic
  • Testing internal linking structure
  • Checking permanent & temporary re-directs
  • Making sure all images are optimised
  • Ensuring the website is accessible
  • Checking for duplicate content


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Technical SEO Agency London

As a technical SEO agency, we don’t just tick off a technical SEO checklist. We understand that technical SEO is an integral part of every successful SEO campaign. So, we build bespoke technical SEO strategies with a strong emphasis placed on technical elements.

When it comes to Content Management Systems, as experienced technical SEO consultants, we've seen it all. We will make the technical adjustments your site needs to rank higher.

Technical SEO Consultancy Services FAQs

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