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Case Study - The Van Conversion Guide

The Company

The Van Conversion Guide is an e-book anyone can use to convert a van into a camper, made my Nathan Murphy.

The Goal

Nathan wanted to improve the website’s ranking for the search term ‘van conversion guide’ as well as improve conversion rates.

The SEO Process

We decided to re-build the website on WordPress in order to have more control over the design & technical aspects of SEO. This meant our in-depth Technical Audit went smoothly.

We then optimised a variety of On Page SEO factors to allow Nathan’s chosen keyword to be more transparent to Google.

The Results

The website was top of Google for the search term ‘van conversion guide’ throughout the world.

josh willett seo van guide

With the new website, we were able to produce specific content for different users around the world. For example, we showed a different landing page to users in the USA compared to those in the UK & Europe. Along with improving the ranking in Google, we were able to improve the conversion rate via organic search by 550%.

josh willett seo conversion rate optimisation
550% increase in conversion rate in 2 months after the new website was launched.

We also saw a sustained increase in impressions as we released new targeted content.


We made great progress with The Van Conversion guide and wish them luck in the future.